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Packaging industry will maintain growth of about 15%

China's packaging industry market capacity is huge, and continued rapid growth. According to statistical data show that in 2011 China's packaging industry market size of about 25%, accounting for 150 billion of the world. 02-09 industry average annual growth rate of 20%, a conservative estimate of the future will be maintained at around 15% growth rate.
According to the market survey found that China's smaller packaging companies, industry concentration will gradually increase. Developed countries are highly concentrated packaging industry, large-scale packaging and printing service enterprises to participate in the depth of customer's product development, design, logistics and other aspects, to provide customers with a comprehensive solution. At present, the domestic service institutions that can provide large brand owners to achieve comprehensive packaging and printing solutions are numbered. From the point of view of international experience, the development of the packaging industry usually needs to be distributed through small-scale production, large-scale production and the overall packaging and printing services outsourcing these steps.
China's packaging industry is very fragmented, such as corrugated packaging industry in the top 10 companies market share of less than 8%. We judge, our packaging industry market concentration degree will gradually increase, based on the release of China report hall of the 2014-2019 packaging equipment industry, development prospects and investment strategy analysis report "pointed out that the development of packaging industry.
RMB appreciation, rising labor costs will make China's manufacturing industry to accelerate the upgrading of its supporting the packaging industry will also be upgraded, the small and medium packaging plant will be forced to withdraw from the market.
Environmental protection requirements improve lead to continuous progress of packaging materials and processes, such as the lightweight trend of beverage packaging, some enterprises will be eliminated in the process of technological and equipment progress.
In China's financial system is unique, the small enterprises is difficult to obtain external financing to expand production capacity, large enterprises, especially the listed company is easier to obtain low cost of funds for rapid expansion, especially listed companies can rely on to raise huge amounts of capital gold, for rapid expansion hit the road.
Have a unique competitive advantage, business model is easy to replicate the sustainable growth of enterprises. Industry concentration has begun to enhance the trend, in this process, has formed a strong competitive advantage in certain segments of the field, and the business model is easy to replicate the potential for rapid expansion of enterprises.
Product packaging is an integral part of the circulation of commodities? Part downstream related to clothing, food and beverage, tobacco, electronics, home appliances, electrical and mechanical, and other all walks of life. In accordance with the division of volume can be divided into mini packing, packing light and heavy packaging; according to the division of packaging materials can be divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging and other packaging, accounting for 39%, 30%, 18%, 7% and 6%, respectively. Printed packaging is currently mainly engaged in packaging materials packaging services, accounting for 39% of the calculation, China in 2011 the market size of $58 billion 500 million.

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